Belle Etoile Boudoir

Welcome to Belle Etoile Boudoir, located in Howell, MI, where we celebrate the beauty of bodies. Our mission is to empower women by capturing the unique and intimate moments that make you feel beautiful. We're all about embracing your curves, wiggles, and jiggles! We're here to make you feel like a goddess, whether you're a size 2 or 22. And don't worry if you're feeling a bit nervous - we'll help you relax and have fun, even if it means cracking a few terrible jokes or singing off-key to distract you. We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and safe environment where you can let your true self shine. From start to finish, we are here to guide you every step of the way and help create the most stunning and memorable images that you will treasure for a lifetime. So whether you are looking to celebrate a special occasion, or simply want to treat yourself to a day of pampering, we invite you to come and experience the magic of Belle Etoile with us.


I. Decide i'm the one (then send an inquiry)

Hey there, potential badass babe! Before we get down to business, let's make sure we're a good match. Take a gander at my portfolio, read up on my bio, and dive into my rave reviews. And if you're feeling extra curious (I like that about you), go ahead and sneak a peek at our VIP Facebook group. You'll learn more about me than my therapist does.

Trust me, it's important to vibe with your boudoir photographer. So, make sure you're feelin' the love and energy from my work and my words. When you're ready to take the plunge, hit me up with an inquiry here! I promise I won't bite (unless you're into that kind of thing).

II. phone consult

Look, I get it. Phone calls can be intimidating, especially when you're about to bare it all for a boudoir photoshoot. But fear not, my friend! We do phone consultations to make sure we vibe and to ensure that we're not creeps (let's be real, there are enough creeps out there already). Think of it as a pre-date, but with less pressure and more clothes (or lack thereof, your call). We'll get to know each other, chat about your vision for the shoot, and establish a level of trust and comfort. Plus, we can make sure that we're both on the same page about what to expect.

III. book your session

Buckle up buttercup, 'cause we're about to make some magic happen! After our phone chat, you're gonna be so pumped up that you might start doing cartwheels in your living room. Trust me, it happens.

Once you're ready to take the leap, we'll set a date and get you all booked in. From there, I'll send you some emails to help get you prepped and ready for your big day. Think of it like a boudoir bootcamp, but with way more laughter and fewer push-ups.

And if you have any questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out! I'm here for you like your personal cheerleader. So let's do this, girlfriend!

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